Thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees flee Mosul

Thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees flee Mosul
By Sybella Wilkes
in Qamishli, Syria
New York/U.S.A. / QAMISHLI, Syria, October 24, 2008/UNHCR/– According to the UNHCR thousands of Christian believers have fled from the city of Mosul after threats against their lifes and several killings of Christian believers have taken place.

The UN refugee agency has begun helping hundreds of Iraqi Christians who fled to Syria to escape violence and threats in the northern Iraq city of Mosul.
Thousands of Christians have left Mosul over the past fortnight. Most have found shelter in villages elsewhere in Ninawa province, but about 400 have crossed into Syria. It is still not clear who is behind the intimidation.
„Many Christians from Mosul have been systematically targeted recently and are no longer safe there. We are ready to provide support for those Iraqis that seek refuge in neighbouring countries,“ said Laurens Jolles, UNHCR’s representative in Syria. „We are grateful that Syria continues to welcome refugees,“ he added of a country that is hosting at least 1.2 million Iraqi refugees.
UNHCR has fast-tracked the registration of Christian refugees from Mosul who have turned up at the agency’s offices in the cities of Damascus and Aleppo, while a team of field officers has travelled to the Qamishli area close to Iraq, where some people have been arriving. Following registration, families facing financial difficulties are assessed for emergency grants and food assistance.
Field officers have met 20 families from Mosul in the Qamishli area in the past few days, while more than 20 Iraqi Christian families have sought the agency’s help in Aleppo in recent days.
Those interviewed have told similar stories of sudden flight from Mosul. Many left with limited financial resources and need help extending their visas to Syria. All said they hoped to be able to return to their homes in the Iraqi city soon.
Sara* and her mother left Mosul early last week, two days after someone called one of her colleagues at work and said that all Christians should leave the city immediately or be killed. „My colleagues wept as all the Christians in the office rushed out of the building,“ she recalled.
Sara was unnerved, but decided to leave only after hearing reports that 11 friends had been killed at a checkpoint by militiamen dressed as police officers. „We heard that they were killed on the spot after their identity cards were examined showing the Christian faith of the person,“ she explained.
She and her mother escaped with a couple of bags and all the money that they had in the house – they did not dare go to the bank to remove their savings. They had visited Syria on holiday earlier in the year and met the ancient Christian community in the city of Saidnaya, north of Damascus. The two women, who felt the Church would support them, approached UNHCR in Damascus.
Nina*, a nurse by profession, fled Mosul almost two weeks ago. „The threats started months ago, with phone calls, letters and even messages on our door,“ she said, adding that she tried to ignore them at first.
But when churches closed and friends and acquaintances began falling victim to the violence, including a friend shot dead in front of his son, Nina began reconsidering her position. It was difficult because she had an invalid mother.
Nina hung on in Mosul until October 10, when she received a new threat. She immediately took her mother to a village outside Mosul and then carried on across the border into Syria with her sister’s young family. Nina has no phone and has not been able to reach her mother since she left. She says she’s frightened to go back to Iraq, but is very worried about her mother and is considering returning to try to bring her to Syria.
Mariam* hung on even longer in Mosul and only left with her son Farah* after a wheelchair-bound Christian man was murdered. „We were the hard core that never wanted to leave Iraq, even with the tense environment. My brother in Syria has been begging me to leave for a long time, but I never agreed,“ she said, adding: „As we felt the knife close to our throats, we had no choice but to flee.“
Her two daughters and their families took refuge in villages near Mosul. „They tell us that there is nowhere for them to go. They are in the streets,“ said a softly weeping Mariam, who is trying to arrange a visa to Syria for them.
She dreams of going back, but dreads to think what she will find. She left her keys with Muslim neighbours but has heard that the homes of friends were destroyed with dynamite soon after they left. „I lived in my home for 35 years and had to pack in 30 minutes,“ said the devastated mother as she talked to UNHCR in the living room of her brother’s modest home in Qamishli.
UNHCR has registered around 220,000 Iraqi refugees in Syria, of whom 15,000 originate from Ninewa province where Mosul is located. UNHCR is mid-way through a food distribution for more than 190,000 Iraqi refugees throughout Syria, while approximately 38,000 Iraqi refugees benefit from financial assistance.
* Names changed for protection reasons.

World Citizen: Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press – "War is abortion"

World Citizen:

Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press
“War is abortion”
By Andrew P. Harrod

Washington, D.C./New York City/October 24, 2008/– The French-German journalist, broadcast journalist and author of several books, founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty, founder and director of Grace MedCare Ltd. London, United Kingdom has confirmed that since 1984 he is working as journalist, author and broadcast journalist for the international press.

Some German citizen have considered that the French-German author by birth could be Anti-German.
Andreas Klamm has said: “By no means I am Anti-German. These people have perhaps come to false conclusions only because I am against the deadly ideology of the German Nazis, against racism, nationalism, against the abuses of human rights and against the oppression of the poor people and against the oppression of refugees and other people.”
It has been discovered that the journalist has been even recently co-operating with authors and journalists from countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Israel, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Paraguay, Bolivia, Canada, Lithuania, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Togo, Kenya, Burundi, Sweden, Georgia, the Dominican Republic and even with journalists from Asia..
The journalist has explained also “You should not wonder about these things. In the German city of Speyer and in the English city of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 1986 I became the founder of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, which is an international and alternative non-commercial media. Since 1986 I have declared many times both on radio and television in many cases that the independent, alternative is supporting international understanding since 1986. Those which have been watching my radio and television programs do know very well, that as a French-German journalist, author, broadcast journalist I do treat myself as a citizen in this world.
The German city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein is a city in this world and on this planet. Certainly I have to refuse if people call me an alien or Anti-German. I am a citizen in this world and a citizen on this planet and certainly I do treat myself as a citizen in this world as a human being and claim to be a human being.
If some people call me an alien this leads to the conclusion if these people perhaps could be Anti-human? The international community should investigate who might be PRO-human beings and who might be Anti–human beings. This investigation and research would so easily deliver hundreds if not thousand of interesting stories which have to be covered in the newspapers, on radio, the television. So far as I have heard about the number I do believe there are about 6.7 billions of human beings in this world. Who in the world could claim that he or she is not born in this world and on this planet? And who in the world would believe such a thing even if someone would claim to be born as a human being not in this world and on this planet? My belief system includes that all human beings have equal rights to live, for social security, for democracy, liberty, peace and justice.
This might be shocking news. But I am also Anti-Abortion when it comes to the point where dictators do believe they might have the right to abort millions of human beings by war or other disasters which have caused by human beings. Not every disaster is a natural one or caused by a supernatural and supreme authority. Some of the disasters are created by people which do profit from wars and love to abort (to kill) millions of people, instead to save the life or a man or woman or even more. War is abortion in the higher sense. Someone else is making the decision if you might live or not. I believe the right to create live and to take life belongs to the LORD our GOD, only. It is very easy to deliver the proof. Certainly I do believe we have to bring to an end the bloody circle of violence.
Horses and dogs seems to be more intelligent than us poor human beings in the area of social ties and behavior. Have you ever heard a dog or a horse, which was white or yellow calling a brown dog or a black horse to be a non-dog or to be a non-horse? The critics should understand you can not change this: I am a human being and I am a citizen in this world and on this planet. Certainly I will continue to support and to work hard for international understanding, liberty, democracy, peace, social security, justice and human rights.
It is no secret that some dictators and supporters of a tyranny want to make all of us their slaves. We should by no means allow such a thing going to happen. Therefore it is important to be engaged in the defense of democracy, liberty, international understanding, peace, liberty, social values and justice. This engagement will actually make many of us better human beings.”
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Change we need: How to challenge the big media and media moguls

Change we need:
How to challenge the big media and media moguls
By Andreas Klamm

Washington, D. C. / New York City/October 23, 2008/– The truth is revealed. Change we need. Yeah, change we need so urgently. Many people spend so much time to find a solution not be influenced this much by the big main stream media information of the big media and the media which is known as main stream media.

As an investigative journalist, broadcast journalist, French-German author of several books since 1984 I am since 1984 for about 24 years performing a research how we might challenge these big media companies and networks and the big media. For hours I had conversation with editors in chief and even with some of the media moguls until I have realized there are three easy steps how to challenge the big media and the media moguls.
It is this simple and it will cost you not years or hours of your precious time and certainly it will not cost you 700 Billion U.S. Dollars.
If you are not happy with the embedded media coverage, such as on ABC, NBC, Fox News or with Ted Turner´s CNN media network and many other main stream media then simple follow these three easy steps.
1.STEP ONE: You should spend anyway not many hours watching 24 hours television. There is more to discover in life then 24 hours of watching television all the day long.
2.STEP TWO: Simply turn off ABC, NBC, Fox News and Ted Turner´s CNN and switch to Democracy NOW! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy NOW! is available worldwide on 250 radio station and about 700 alternative television network station and even on satellite television. You will find the current information where to watch the educational television and radio program on . You will have the great chance to see and to hear the difference in the media. It is almost like you as have spend 40 years in the wilderness and have been looking for a good well (water source) where you will find fresh and clean water and just with watching one hour Democracy NOW! you will be able to experience the great joy not to thirst this quick again for a good and educational television and radio program. You will realize also that you do not have to spend hours watching television all the day long and to waste your precious time. After watching one hour Democracy NOW! you will have more time for valuable things which do matter in your life. You could easily spend some time getting engaged with some social work in your local community or you might have even more time to spend with your friends and family.

Be polite and friendly write a postcard or an email to ABC, NBC, Fox News and CNN or the other main stream media networks and let them know that you have switched from the main stream media to a good and educational television and radio program which is know as Democracy NOW!
It might take some while but then the media moguls will realize that they are going to loose millions of listeners and viewers they will certainly start to consider to cover the stories and voices which at this time we can not find on the main stream media.
Picture this: It is by no means only Ted Turner and other media moguls which do have the power and strength to challenge you. IT IS YOU, which can challenge the big media and the main stream media moguls. Imagine, if only 90 or 100 million people will follow the advise to turn off the big media and to tune in to Democracy NOW! or other alternative radio and television programs. The big media would feel this by loosing millions of advertising money for commercials and infomercials. Guess if you continue for one week or even longer. The media moguls would start to think and perhaps after some while you would realize that every listener and viewer has so easily the strength and power to challenge and even to change the big media. Think as independent as possible. You need to think ! And then act with peace and wisdom. With every listener and viewer which the big media is going to loose, the big media will loose its power. This concept is working very well with newspapers also. Imagine the newspaper is not covering the stories you want and need to read. Just give them a friendly call to the publishing house and let them know I am not going to buy and read your paper anymore as long as I will find the stories which I can not find at this time in the paper. You can challenge the editors and publishers and you will be able to witness and read the change.
Step number 4 is not this easy. In 1986 I became the founder of the international alternative media network IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, IBS Television Liberty and Radio IBS Liberty. You should know that my father was a poor fire fighter, my grand father was a French Army Officer stationed in 1945. In 1986 I have started with about 100 German Marks with the foundation an own and international alternative media network will require if you are not rich and have not the money that you will love to work and labor hard.
There are ways to cover huge events such as the G8 summit in Heilgendamm Germany even with only 20 U.S. dollars in your pocket. In 2007 I did this: I have been one of about 4.700 officially journalists, news correspondents and television producer with an accreditation issued by the German government. Before I became one, I had to write to two German courts and some viewers, listeners and readers have signed a petition that I will get with my official press credentials the permission to produce independent television and radio programs. It has required some work and fights to defend the freedom of the press and information.
Therefore as you are able to imagine I do know what I am writing and talking about. It will be not an easy way. Since 1984 I have produced hundreds of television and radio programs and I have conducted hundreds of interviews have been taking about 20.000 photographs as a photo journalist and have received the first awards when I have been 18 years of age in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 from a state film department from Germany. In the studio and the editorial offices I have spend hours, day and nights even covering the U.S. elections in 2000 and 2004 and in some cases I have been spending about 18 up to 20 hours in the studio to cut and edit radio and television programs.
Sometimes I have been this tired that I have passed or blacked out in the studio and just have been sleeping on the floor of some studios and continued to work and labor when the light of the morning came back.
It was certainly in many cases hard labor and it will require some sacrifices if you are willing to build you own international media network. If you ever will perform 2 hours Live Television programs and 8 hours Live radio programs you will certainly know what I am writing and talking about.
It requires hard labor and work if you do not have the money as the media moguls such as Ted Turner and many others but there is a way.
In the past 24 years I had the chance to meet so many precious people, even some precious politicians and other journalists and I do not want to miss these interesting conversations. My advise is that you should consider the price which you will have to pay by spending a lot of you precious time of life if your are planning to run an alternative television and radio program.
Some advise which will help: If you want to produce good educational radio and television programs you have to read a lot of books. A little example why this advise could be important: Since the age of 16 I am reading and studying the HOLY SCRIPTURES, which some other people call also the bible, Old and New Testament. You will find amazing answers, questions and ideas in this most precious book. Guess you want to cover a story about corruption. It is no joke you will find in the Holy Scriptures the answer, where to start maybe a search for an investigative research and where to find a lot of corruption.
There are many other books on the market which you could and should read also. If you have because of the financial crisis not the money anymore to buy some real good books, spend some time in you community library as I did already in 1987 in Leeds in the United Kingdom and in many other cases in Germany and even in New York City in the United States of America.
If you are planning to work as an investigative broadcast journalist, journalist and author you should be prepared for fights such as death threats, attempted targeted killing and threats. In Germany in many cases some people and political forces try not to shoot journalists but to destroy their financial liberty which is making everyone this easily a slave.  Sometime it occurs that you will receive first threats, followed by death threats and that you will get involved as a victim in so called “accidents”. Some viewers and observers have told me, that some of the accidents which I have suffered have been not accidents but the attempt to kill me for covering simply stories about the abuses of the human rights, political, social and financial affairs.
There is not the proof that these viewers are right but I can assure you that I have received threats and people have told me several times: “We do wonder that you are still alive.” It happened again this afternoon, that a colleague and another independent television producer mentioned to me on the phone: “I do wonder you are still alive…”. He knows that I am since 1984 covering stories and speaking out things which you will hear usually not on the big main stream media. Independent and alternative journalists should work international and seek international co-operation. This is one of the reasons that I became a member of the International Federations of Journalists. Another reason is that since 1993 I am a member of the union.  Since 1989 I am active also as a peace and social activist.
It is a serious thing if you are going to receive threats. Not taking part in the fight could mean that you have lost the fight or the battle already. However I do believe: If the good people are NOT fighting, the bad guys or people will win. And these times are so special that I do believe that we just can not allow and afford the luxury that the bad people which do oppress the truth and millions of people that the bad people will win the battle or the fights. Therefore the good people have to fight for peace, liberty, justice, truth and democracy – every one of us. Peace, liberty, justice, truth, social security and democracy are under attack and every one of us should take part in defending these elementary and fundamental rights. This will certainly not without danger. I do know that liberty is right and GOD gave us not a free will to be slaves. God teaches liberty. Do fight as peaceful as possible, not with violence, overcome evil with good, overcome violence with non-violence. There are many peaceful ways how to fight and how to defend.
Now I am telling you a little secret. You will find in the Holy Scriptures even the advise how you could act in time of a financial crisis. Certainly it requires some faith and belief.
Another good advise is listen to the things what your viewers and listener are going to tell you and will write you. Some real good ideas for television and radio programs which have received an award I got from listeners and viewers on the street. In many cases the conversation started this way: “I have seen your program on television and …”. Afterwards some of my viewers gave me some advise or tips what they want to see on the screen or what they want to hear on the radio. In some cases I have spend a night in other cases I have mediated a week and then my thought was something similar like “Let´s try this idea or way…”. Not always but in some cases it was working out good and therefore to some of my viewers which are watching my television programs and listening to my radio programs since about 24 year I am very thankful and I want to let you know: THANK you and I do love you !
Even you might get famous, known in many different countries in this world PLEASE keep in mind, that our listeners and viewers deserve the THANKSGIVING. One of our websites has visitors and readers from 40 different countries. We had not one single cent on our budget for 2007 and 2008 for advertising to tell other people about this new service which has started in May 2008.
The viewers and listeners of my radio and television programs are meaning a lot to me and I am thankful for each of them. Some of them have told me, that they do sense this feelings towards them, that I do appreciate very much that they are spending some times one minute and some times one hour to one of my radio or television programs and some of them are thankful for this appreciation.
As long as you are not a real good business man in the financial and commercial sense you should expect not getting rich but to face serious trouble for working as an investigative broadcast journalist and journalist. For simply covering an event on television about 100 homeless people in Germany I have received threats in the year of 2006 and 2007 including death threats again.
Thank you to the listeners and viewers and for your tips and guidance which has challenged in Germany sometimes even the big commercial main stream and even the powerful state operated television and radio stations in Germany. However I know God is watching and listening us at any time and this comforts me, perhaps other people, too. There is no secret which you can hide before the Lord our God. This truth and fact might scare some people while this truth and fact is a comfort to me and many other people. Some viewers have been wondering what the term “Journalist, D.o.G.” stands for during some of my television programs and perhaps they might have been thinking I am working for the Department of Germany. This is not the case, I am still working international and alternative. Some times I do wonder if some one wants to tell others about the truth how in the world we are able to deny the most important truth? The answer and truth is very simple: “D.o.G. Stands for dependent upon the GRACE OF GOD.” All truth shall be revealed. Best wishes.

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PLEASE: Do not pay any attention to Anti-Obama „Christian“ propaganda – About the danger of smear campaigns during U.S elections

PLEASE: Do not pay any attention to Anti-Obama „Christian“ propaganda – About the danger of smear campaigns during U.S elections

By Andreas Klamm
Washington. D.C./New York City. Perhaps I should be thankful that I am not an U.S. citizen at this time and therefore I have not the right to vote for Senator Barack Obama or Senator John Mc Cain.
In October 2007 I have written to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C, United States of America (U.S.A) and have requested according to ARTICLE 15, according to the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS the change of citizenship from the German citizenship into the American citizenship. Certainly I do make no secret of the fact that I want to become an U.S. citizen.
By birth I am a French-German citizen and since 1984 I am working as journalist, author, broadcast journalist and even as independent television- film- radio- and media producer.
As founder and director of the IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty I need to ask you today because of very sad incidents which happened in the past weeks during the Presidential campaign: „PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION to smear campaigns issued by so called Christian believers.“
Some of the so called Christian believers have issued news and press releases which should be accounted for what they are: SMEAR CAMPAIGNS against Senator Barack Obama. This could be perhaps even called racism. However I do not want to go this far.
These so called Christian believers claim to know that Senator Barack Obama is a Muslim. Since weeks I am doing a lot of research on Senator Barack Obama and so far as I have been able to gather the news and information he is not officially known as a Muslim believer.
However even if Senator Barack Obama would be a faithful man of the Muslim faith, there would be nothing wrong with such a thing according the the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and both of the Presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John Mc Cain have caused me to study again and again the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS and the U.S. CONSTITUTION and many other issues. However therefore I give thanks to both of the Presidential candidates.
As you are able to imagine I would love to know already today who will become the next President of the United States of America but we have to wait until November 4, 2008. One thing seems to be certain: The candidate which will be able to get more votes for himself and his party will become the next President of the United States of America.
What I find quite difficult in concern of these so called christians which issue all kind of information during a worse SMEAR CAMPAIGN against Senator Barack Obama, have these Christian believers forgotten, that in the Bible it is written to love 1. The LORD our God, 2. your neighbor as thyself and even 3. to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.
Why is number 3 this important. Even if some so called Christian believers would account Senator Barrack Obama as an enemy they have by no means the right to issue information against Senator Barrack Obama during a smear campaign. Christian believers are supposed even to LOVE their enemies and not to harm them during any kind of smear campaign.
Another serious strange thing: So many so called Christian believers are fighting against abortion, which seems to be a serious Christian important duty. But on the other hand they are supporting the death penalty such against Troy Davis which has testified in the public that he has not killed the police officer. Seven of nine witnesses have withdrawn their given testimonies against Troy Davis. There is not one physical evidence that Troy Davis has killed a person or police officer.
It does not match if so called “Christian believers” do support the death penalty even against a possible innocent man.
Hear the statement of Mr. Troy Davis yourself: He said that he serves in prison for 16 years for a crime which did he NOT commit.
So how in the world so called “Christian believers” can fight against abortion on one hand and on the other hand they do cry for the murder of a possible innocent man, such as Mr. Troy Davis.
Where in the world are these millions of so called Christian believers to take action to avoid the killing of an innocent man. True believers in Christ would do so, but there are not many of them so far as we have been able to notice.
If some one calls herself or himself to be a “Christian believer” it does not mean always that they are true believers, because true believers would not allow it going to happen that a possible innocent man is going to be killed in the state of Georgia on October 27 and true believers would not participate a SMEAR campaign against one of the Presidential candidates.
Therefore PLEASE understand, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty is providing all different kind of news and information, television and radio reports since 1986.
IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty is operating under LOW- and NO-budget conditions and under ARTICLE 18 and ARTICLE 19 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS.
For reason of documentation we do even publish news and information which are totally different to our own views, beliefs and faith. With most of the news and information which we do provide we do not agree in any way. Certainly we do publish news and information which are totally in contradiction to our own political views, faith or belief. ARTICLE 18 and ARTICLE 19 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the UNITED NATIONS make such things possible, so far as we do receive under BEST circumstances all different kind of information, that people, meaning our readers, viewers and listener can make their own decision.
When it comes to the point that we are getting aware of the fact that so many news and press releases have been issued against one person or organization we are making AWARE our readers, viewers and listeners of SMEAR campaigns but we do not oppress the documentation of any kind of information and news.
We are receiving a lot of news and press releases issued by the United Nations also but we are not associated with the United Nations. We are an alternative and „independent“ media meaning that financial restrictions do apply as we do operate under LOW- and NO-budget conditions and all people do know that the production of news, information, radio and television programs and all kind of different work COSTS MONEY.
After the smear campaigns against Senator Barack Obama got this worse I need to ask you hereby today to VOTE INDEPENDENT as possible. Make your vote based upon education, financial, political and social issues but DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to brainwashing SMEAR CAMPAIGNS against one of the Presidential candidates.
Perhaps you should consider that these so called „Christian propaganda“ is not even Christian, as you have learned Christian believers are supposed to love 1. The LORD our God, 2. your neighbor as thyself and even 3. to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Not one of the Presidential candidates is an enemy in concern of belief or faith related issues. All of the Presidential candidates are candidates for the U.S. elections in the United States of America and in this world.
Thank you!
Article 18
„Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.“
Article 19
„Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.“

Understanding could be a step towards peace: Islam is known worldwide as the religion of PEACE

Peace demonstrators expressed their feelings about the torture of „FREE expression of thoughts: Jesus Christ is the SLAVE of ALLAH.“ It does hurt many brothers and sisters of the religion of Islam and Peace if people in the world do believe something different. The followers of the „free expression of thoughts and free speech will go to hell.“, peace demonstrators in London, United Kingdom do believe. Photo: DigiIns

Understanding could be a step towards peace: Islam is known worldwide as the religion of PEACE

By Andreas Klamm
Washington, D.C. / New York City. Islam is worldwide known as the religion of PEACE. So called Christian believers should be aware of the situation people which worship the religion of ISLAM which is certainly known as the „RELIGION of PEACE“ throughout the entire world, that it will not bring peace to call the people which do practice the religion of Peace as known the Islam „Jihad extremists“. These things will escalate and the bloody circle of violence will continue. Some believers of the religion of the Islam, not all of them, do believe that there is a “Jihad”, meaning a HOLY WAR, to defend the religion of Islam against the invasion of the “infidels”, meaning the “non-believers” which do refuse to worship ALLAH.

Many Muslim people have been oppressed for many years and therefore people should try to understand that faithful women and men of the religion of Islam and Peace are trying to defend their faith only and do not want to be oppressed by any kind of Christian propaganda.
If Christian believers travel to the Islam world or to countries where the religion of Islam reigns, they should keep in mind that many Muslim people do believe „that Jesus is the slave of ALLAH.“ This might be difficult to understand for those which do call themselves Christian believers. However may these people could follow the simple conclusion, that if many people which are Muslim do truly believe that „Jesus is the slave of ALLAH“, this leads to the fact that actually all Christian believers are „the slaves of Allah“, too in the belief system of some believers in the religion of the Islam.
People in countries where the peaceful religion of Islam reigns think totally different than people which do come from countries with a WESTERN background.
Therefore Christian believers might keep their faith but in Muslim countries they should for their own safety try to understand that spreading Christian propaganda is accounted as a crime which leads to the death penalty. These things are parts of the laws in countries where the religion of the Islam reigns.
Christian believers should try to understand that faith and belief can not be achieved by force. Many Christians like to spread the word about their faith. They should be aware of the danger that it is accounted as “Christian propaganda” in the countries of the Islam.

What could be very important is to try to understand the different views, faiths, beliefs and the totally different thinking of people which do live in Islamic countries. Understanding of the totally different thinking of people in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco and Afghanistan could lead perhaps to a step towards peace. People from the WESTERN world should not expect that people from these countries are able to think like people which have grown up in the WESTERN civilization. People in Islamic countries have been raised under the religion of Islam for their entire life and it is a scared area. Some people which have been raised under totally different conditions do not even know what the terms “free speech” or „free expression of thoughts“ stands for. If people of the Muslim faith do kill Christian believers for the “crime of spreading Christian propaganda” many of them do believe they kill these “Christian criminals” as a service for ALLAH, meaning GOD, as translated in the Western world.”
As some people have explained me during my research, only some of people of the religion of the Islam believe that Jesus Christ was a prophet like the Prophet Muhammad , while others do believe that “Jesus is the slave of ALLAH.”
What most of the Christian believers do not understand is, that Muhammad is the central human figure of the religion of the Islam and is regarded by Muslims as the messenger and prophet of God or Allah.
If Christian believers claim that “Jesus is the messenger of God” this causes certainly a conflict and leads to bloody circles of violence and war.
The people in these countries think totally different. In London I did a special research and while doing these special research I have noticed that you can talk with people which call themselves Muslim almost about any issue, but starting to talk about Christianity could easily lead to serious conflicts, threats or even to wars because the brothers and sisters of the faith of Islam treat this as a serious violation against their faith and beliefs.
In some Muslim countries and societies Christian believers by the way are not accounted as human beings, but as “infidels” or “non-believers”, which do refuse to worship ALLAH, which have according to the law given by ALLAH to be killed.
In certain other regions where the religion of Islam reigns Christians are not accounted as human being but as pigs only and therefore Christian believers should by no means expect to have the right to live. This applies only to certain regions where the religion of the Islams reigns and applies not to all Muslim believers. This might be a quite radical view or practice to worship ALLAH. Believers of other faiths and beliefs should consider not to travel to these communities or countries for reason of their own safety.
If all of us are trying to understand these different views, faiths and beliefs we may better understand what the physics Albert Einstein has said already many years ago: “A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
In London I did not only a research on the faith and belief of the religion of the Islam. Jewish brothers and sisters have explained me that mentioning even the name „Jesus Christ“ is accounted as a crime and violation against the Jewish faith and it is strictly forbidden for brothers and sisters of the Jewish household of faith even to speak out the name of such a „prophet.“ When I have heard this statement I was first shocked, because in Germany it is a quite normal thing to speak openly about the “prophet” Jesus Christ, the Roman-Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant church and even about other religions and churches or faith based congregations of many different kind.
This is NOT the case in the religion of the Islam and in the religion of the Jewish faith. As Jewish believers have explained to me it is in some cases strictly FORBIDDEN even to mention the name of the “prophet”, which these believers do not know and they do not want to hear the name of the “prophet”. Jewish believers have explained to me that they do believe that there is a Messiah and some of the Jewish believers are waiting for the Messiah to come.
It is a different world with different views, faith and beliefs and the difficult part of understanding such things for us which have been raised in the WESTERN world is trying to understand these different views, faiths and beliefs. Most of us are not used to such things and it requires to be open minded and to be open for an inter-faith and inter-religious dialogue. This could be achieved by questioning, by listening to other people and also by understanding. As I have learned during some conversations with people with other faiths and beliefs best thing you can do is not to talk about religion, faith or belief and it does matter which one at all.
Even Christian believers have confirmed during my inter-faith and inter-religious research in the United Kingdom that “religion can not save a man or a woman” according to their understanding of their faith and belief. It is faith and belief which “could save a man or woman” according to the statement of some Christian believers “but by no means religion or traditions of men.”
Some people from India have explained me that in the country of India more then 200 different Gods and Goddesses are known and it will require perhaps many years to get some little knowledge about all the different kind of these Gods and Goddesses.
Even in the country of Germany are known other gods, such as the god Bachus. BACHUS or BACUS is a Lydian name for Dionysus, the Thracian fertility god. A son of Jupiter, he later became the god of wine. There are many other gods which are known in Germany and in the former Holy Roman Empire.
In the family tree of the Greek gods and goddesses are known many different kind of god and goddesses. There do exist gods and goddesses of so many different kind that in some cases it seems to be difficult to count all of them or it requires some time to count them.
Calling people which try to defend their beliefs and faith „Jihad extremists“ will not lead to peace but to even more bloody circles of violence and war.

URGENT CALL: We need more opinions

URGENT CALL: We need more opinions
Washington, D.C./New York City/October 21, 2008/– The founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television has made an urgent call to all U.S. media organizations and organizations.

„Since 1986 we are providing independent news, radio and television reports. At this special times it seems quite certain, that we do receive only news and press releases which are leading to one direction. Certainly I would call such a thing MANIPULATION OF INFORMATION. As editor in chief I can assure you all, that we do NOT WANT SUCH a THING! PLEASE send us your news and information to our editorial office: We will be happy to receive your information and news releases and we are open to all perspectives.“, said the editor, journalist and broadcasting journalist Andreas Klamm.
The editor said also: „IBS Independent Broadcasting Liberty is operating under NO- and LOW-Budget conditions, PLEASE therefore do support the international independent media. Thank you.“

Letter from the United Nations in Geneve to journalist Mr. Andreas Klamm

Letter from the United Nations in Geneve to journalist Mr. Andreas Klamm

Washington D.C. / New York City/October 21, 2008/– . The journalist Andreas Klamm, founder of British Newsflash Magazine, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8418 has officially confirmed that he has written some petitions to the United Nations offices in New York City and in Geneve. It seems that already since years he has communication with the United Nations.
„The petitions have be written in concern of human rights issues, elementary and fundamental human rights such as the right to live for all people, change of citizenship according to Article 15, Universal Declaration of the Human Rights by the United Nations (UN), targeted killing, the murder of people and other important issues. I believe it is the duty of every human being to stand up for human rights and it does not matter this much, in which countries the abuses and the serious violations against the human rights are going to happen. However even if some rich and wealthy people and certain members of the government believe they might have the right to oppress the truth and to murder people this does not mean that these people and political forces have the right to do so. This does not mean that I am anti-German. I am only against the massive abuses and violations against the human rights and this is a different and important issue.“, said Andreas Klamm.

Artikel 15: Weshalb ich an elementaren Menschenrechten festhalte

Artikel 15: Weshalb ich an elementaren Menschenrechten festhalte
Von Andreas Klamm
Washington, D.C. / New York / London/21. Oktober 2008/– Für viele Menschen ist es offenbar nicht nachvollziehbar weshalb ich an der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechten der United Nations (UN, Vereinte Nationen) in New York City festhalte.
Das ist ganz sicher auch eine Frage des Glaubens und des Gewissens. Obgleich ich nur Journalist, Autor und Moderator und kein Jurist bin, glaube ich daran, dass die Allgmeine universelle Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen weltweit und damit auch in Deutschland gültig ist. Kein Mensch wird wohl bestreiten, dass auch Deutschland ein Teil der Welt ist.
Von Geburt an, bin ich Französisch-Deutscher Bürger, ein Fakt, den keine Macht in dieser Welt auch die deutsche Bundesregierung und die mächtigste Frau der Welt, laut dem US-Magazin FORBES, Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel (CDU), nicht ändern kann.
Im Jahr 1950 gab mir meine Großmutter, Martha Kolacz ein Beispiel dem ich beabsichtige zu folgen. Sie verliess Deutschland im Jahr 1950 für immer und wurde im State of Victoria in der Stadt Melbourne, Australien, Staatsbürgerin von Australien. Wenn mir jetzt also gewisse Menschen in Deutschland versuchen zu erklären, dass ein Wechsel der Staatsbürgerschaft nicht möglich ist, dann bin ich der Überzeugung, dass dies schlichtweg eine Lüge ist.
Schon mittels Gen-Tests und anderer Beweise ist es NACHWEISBAR, dass mein Großvater, Haedi Sabaot, Französischer Staatsbürger war, der in einem anderen Kontinent, ausserhalb von Europa geboren wurde. Die Beweise, dass mein Grossvater Französischer Offizier und 1945 in Kaiserslautern in Deutschland stationiert war, liegen den deutschen und französischen Behörden NACHWEISBAR bereits vor.
Das Land das ich bevorzuge heißt United States of America (U.S.A.), in deutscher Sprache Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.
Im Artikel 15 der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (United Nation, UN) heisst es so wörtlich:
„Artikel 15
1. Jeder hat das Recht auf eine Staatsangehörigkeit.
2. Niemandem darf seine Staatsangehörigkeit willkürlich entzogen noch das Recht versagt werden, seine Staatsanghörigkeit zu wechseln.
Meiner persönlichen Auffassung nach sind die Angaben im Absatz 1 und Absatz 2 des Artikel 15 so eindeutig, dass ich an meinem Wunsch und Standpunkt festhalte.
1. Ich möchte die deutsche Staastbürgerschaft in die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft wechseln.
2. Zudem lehne ich es ab im Falle meines Todes in Deutschland beerdigt zu werden.
3. Erkläre ich hiermit erneut in aller Deutlichkeit die Distanzierung von den politischen Ereignissen in Deutschland, etwa der massiven Verletzung von Menschenrechten, der Verletzung der Meinungs- Presse- und Informationsfreiheit, der Verletzung der Relgions- Gewissens- und Glaubensfreiheit, der vorsätzlichen Diffamierung von Menschen in Armut und Not, der Verfolgung von Menschen in Not, der Verfolgung von Menschen aus Glaubens- Gewissen und politischen Gründen.
4. Zudem versichere ich hiermit erneut, dass ich mich ausdrücklich GEGEN MEINEN WILLEN in Deutschland befinde, in einem Land, in meiner Überzeugung nach viele Menschen, GOTT sei DANK nicht alle Menschen, in vielen Bereichen Menschenwürde und Menschenrechte verachtet und massiv verletzten.
An diesen Wünschen und Standpunkten halte ich fest.
Für den Fall, dass Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel (CDU) die sofortige Auflösung der United Nations (UN, Vereinte Nationen) erklären sollte und bekannt geben sollte, dass die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte in Deutschland für Französisch – Deutsche Bürger und für die Menschen in Deutschland keine Gültigkeit in Deutschland hat, werde ich eine internationale Prüfung beantragen, ob eine solche Erklärung rechtlich möglich ist und ob mittels einer solchen Erklärung es möglich ist, die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (UN, United Nations) ausser Kraft zu setzen.
Über die Erklärungen und Hinweise, zahlreicher Menschen und Behörden, dass ich keinen Anspruch auf die Inanspruchnahme der Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte in Deutschland haben soll, kann ich mich nur sehr wundern und ich kann nur zur Überzeugung gelangen, dass diese Erklärungen und Hinweise doch mehr als ?sonderbar? sind. Faktisch bedeutet dies, dass mir doch allen Ernstes einige Menschen erklären wollen, dass elementare und fundamentale Menschenrechte in Deutschland keine Gültigkeit haben.
Nach zahlreichen Recherchen und nach dem was in der Proklamation der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinte Nationen im Jahr 1948 deklarariert wurde, kann ich hiermit nur eindeutig feststellen, dass ich zur Überzeugung gelangt bin, dass die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (United Nations, UN) universell gültig ist und damit auch in Deutschland.
Dass Anhänger der Nazis in Deutschland sicherlich nicht die Freunde der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (UN, United Nations) sein können, kann ich verstehen, doch die Nazis in Deutschland sollten bitte nicht erwarten, dass ich deren Standpunkte zu meinen Standpunkten machen könnte.
Daher appelliere ich ausdrücklich auch an die deutschen Nazis: „Es gibt nun wahrlich nicht viele Menschen, die so behaarlich wie ich, die euer Land verlassen wollen. Lasst uns doch einfach gehen, dann wird es keine weiteren Diskussionen über die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (UN, United Nations) in Deutschland mehr geben und ihr könnt euch in eurem Deutschland wohl fühlen, ohne die Menschen, die die Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (UN, United Nations), Demokratie, Freiheit, Meinungs- Presse- und Informations-Freiheit für sich beanspruchen.“
Meine Überzeugung ist, dass jeder Mensch das Recht auf Leben, auf Glaubens- Gewissen- und Religionsfreiheit hat und dass jeder Mensch auch das Recht hat, aus Glaubens- Gewissens- und politischen Gründen einen Antrag auf den Wechsel der Staatsbürgerschaft zu stellen, die Staatsbürgerschaft zu wechseln und Deutschland auch für immer zu verlassen.
Es gibt nicht einen einzigen Grund dafür, der mich überzeugen könnte, in Deutschland bleiben zu wollen. Sicher bin ich kein Gegner von Deutschland, ich bin auch nicht anti-deutsch, doch ich bin DEFINITIV GEGEN die Verletzung und Verachtung der Menschenwürde, Menschenrechte, Meinungs- Presse- und Informations-Freiheit von vielen Menschen in Deutschland.
Unerfüllbare Forderungen kann ich NICHT erfüllen. Ohne einen einzigen Cent, ist es nicht möglich zu reisen, noch nicht einmal von Heidelberg nach Erfurt.
In diesem Land, in dem so viel Leid meinen jüdischen Brüdern und Schwestern, christlichen Brüdern und Schwestern, Roma, Sinti, politischen Gefangenen, Kriegs-Gefangenen, Journalisten, Autoren, Nonnen, Geistlichen und auch SPD-Politikern zugefügt wurde und zugefügt wird, kann ich mich beim besten Willen schon aus Glaubens- Gewissens- und auch aus politischen Gründen nicht wohl fühlen. Für meine Überzeugungen, Standpunkte und Entscheidungen bitte ich um Verständnis.
Die Entscheidung ist eindeutig und definitiv: Wechsel der deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft in die amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft und Deutschland verlassen. Im Oktober 2007 habe ich beim U.S. Department for Justice in Washington, D.C., Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika einen entsprechen Antrag schriftlich gestellt und auch daran halte ich fest.
Daher halte ich an der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen fest und beanspruche diese auch für mich.

How global economy works

How global economy works

By Andreas Klamm

New York./October 20, 2008/– Since 19 months I am on investigation how international and global economy works:

Here is the first simple answer which is easy to understand for everyone and this is one of my shortest articles which I have written since 24 years, since 1984 when I became the first time a journalist.
The formula is this simple:
1. no money = 2. no food, = 3. no rights, no education = 4. no human rights = 5. danger for life / starvation = 6. no medical care = 7. no hope = 8. no peace = 9. fights (even within local communities, only the stronger will survive, people say in Germany) = 10. war = 11. no trade = 12. no economy = 13. global war 14. nuclear disaster and the end of human mankind and the world as we know it.
An international known author has given to me the tip of these facts during a telephone conversation he has said: “Poor people have no rights and no human rights”. At time we had this phone conversation my answer was “You must be wrong because the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948 in New York City, United States of America states and says something different…”
However 19 months ago I have started an investigative research and I have come to the knowledge this far, that the author and founder of an international human rights organization has told me a part of the truth, which is not only sad but disturbing also.
The statement which I have heard many times during questioning people on the streets in Germany “…only the stronger or the strongest will survive…” (is leading to the conclusion that all other human beings have to die) is the proof how evil human beings in many cases are. For children, poor women and disabled or sick men elderly people there is just no place or room on this planet earth except the grave yard.

Media project Human Rights Reporters

Media project Human Rights Reporters
This is a new additional service of the international media project Human Rights Reporters, which has been founded in 2006 by the journalist and author of several books, Andreas Klamm.
The services are in the process of being updated.
You will find more information about this international project on and
Human Rights Reporters is a non commercial international media project which is supported by independent journalists from around the world. Many of these journalists are themselves victims of massive abuses and violations against the Human Rights.
If Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights do exist you will be able to find out on (United Nations).
Please, to what so ever conclusion you might come, be aware of the fact that most countries in this world do not take care about elementary and fundamental human rights.
The editors
Human Rights Reporters, international media project