Liberty and Peace NOW! – Right Livelihood Award 2008 (4)


Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporter – Right Livelihood Award 2008 (4)

Liberty and Peace NOW! from Stockholm, Sweden with Dr. Monika Hauser (Swiss – Italian), medica mondiale and Jakob von Uexkuell, alternative Nobel Prize, Right Livelihood Foundation Award 2008, Production: Andreas Klamm, Journalist, broadcast journalist, author, TV producer
(c) 2008 by Andreas Klamm journalist, TV producer and IBS Television Liberty

SEAPA Capsule Report: Thai journalists caught in crossfire of tense standoff

SEAPA Capsule Report: Thai journalists caught in crossfire of tense standoff
New York, U.S.A./(and). December 2, 2008/– In Bangkok Thai journalist are increasingly finding themselves caught in the corssfire between the two warring political groups and their supporters.

As the political crisis in Bangkok escalates, Thai journalists are increasingly finding themselves caught in the crossfire between two warring political factions and their respective supporters, with reports of harassment, shootings, and physical attacks targetting media offices and practitioners.
Anti-government protesters led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have been occupying Bangkok’s two main airports – the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don Muang Airport – for more than a week now. More than 200,000 are believed stranded in Thailand, as the protests plunge the country into deeper political
crisis and worsening economic fallout from the same.
As tensions rise, however, the media has been vulnerable and has indeed come under direct attack.
On November 24, unidentified men aboard a motorized boat along the Chao Phraya River fired grenades at the ASTV head office. Net surrounding the building fortunately deflected the grenades, which fell to the waters and exploded without causing damage or injuries.
ASTV is a satellite TV service provider owned by media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul, leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)anti-government movement. Its security officials believe the attackers‘ main target were the satellite dishes on the building’s roof.
Four days later, another such attack took place. The launched grenades exploded on the fourth level of the ASTV building, shattering glass windows and injuring a newscaster.
The two airports, focal points of the stand-off, are also the site of direct harassment and intimidation against individual journalists.
A photographer from the Thai-language newspaper „Thai Rath“ was attacked by PAD guards at Don Mueang on the night of November 28.
The photographer, who requested anonymity, said a PAD guard struck him from behind, causing him to fall to the ground. At the time, he said he had been taking photographs of another PAD guard beating a man.
He said he was then surrounded by eight or nine guards who snatched his camera and accused him of being an imposter. More guards showed up and assaulted him further until reporters came to his aid, confirming that he was a real photographer.
In another incident, the PAD stopped reporters and photographers from covering the capture of a policeman by PAD guards at Suvarnabhumi Intenational Airport on November 30. The „Bangkok Post“ reported that some PAD protesters also hurled insults at the journalists.
Reporters complained that PAD protesters videotaped them while doing their job. One PAD guard tried to see what they were typing on their computers at Suvarnabhumi airport’s One Stop Service area, which has been turned into a temporary press room.
„The Nation“ reported that PAD protesters also cajoled reporters to report only the good side of the PAD.
„Ban Muang“ newspaper reporter Natthawut Karanyasophon said two PAD followers at Suvarnabhumi International Airport forced him to take off his white T-shirt marked with the message, „Stop Violence“. The guards told him the T-shirt missed the point as only the PAD was treated unfairly.
„The Nation“ said other protesters surrounded Natthawut. PAD co-leader Saranyu Wongkrachang stepped in and moved the media’s work centre to another area.
Natthawut said the Thai Journalists‘ Association (TJA) encouraged reporters to wear the T-shirt while they covered stories at Government House to call for peace. He claimed that though he did not fear the protesters, he changed his T-shirt to avoid more trouble.
Also on November 30, „The Nation“ reported that PAD guards opened fire at a TV station’s OB van at Don Mueang airport, riddling the vehicle with bullet holes. The technician and the driver were unharmed.
Phanumart Jaihork, a TNN relay controller, said he and the driver were lost in the airport vicinity. They stopped at a checkpoint manned by PAD guards in front of the terminal building to ask for directions. Phanumart said he heard gunfire. The guards then told them to drive on and look for a safe place in the airport building.
However, when they passed the second checkpoint, the technician and the driver heard more gunshots, prompting them to flee from the area. The OB van, which bore the TV station’s markings, sustained many bullet holes on the sides, tailgate and roof .
Still in Don Mueang, a scuffle almost broke out between AFP and local Thai media photographers and PAD protesters after the latter demanded for the cameras of the photographers after accusing them of taking pictures of a protester without his consent.
Alarmed by the series of attacks on journalists, the TJA–a founding member of the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA)–along with The Press Council of Thailand, the Confederation of Thai Journalists, the Thai Broadcast Journalists‘ Association and the Association of Thai Cable Operators, issued a statement on December 1 calling on both the government and the PAD to stop violent acts against journalists and allow them to perform their duties unhampered.
„These acts are unacceptable since they obstruct the work of the media and threaten the people’s right to access to information. We appeal to protestors of all sides to stop these acts once and for all,“ said the media groups in their statement.
The statement emphasized the need for media to stay in the middle in order to report facts as fairly as possible, „No matter how the current violence turns out, the media has a duty to report facts with balance so that the public is equipped with enough information to make its own decision.“
„We, therefore, appeal to demonstrators to realize and understand the work of the media. Any group that attacks the media will not win public support,“ the statement added.
At the same time, the media groups advised their colleagues to exercise their journalistic duties with caution, reminding them of their duty to „adhere to their professional ethics and not allow themselves to be influenced by any particular group.“
Source: Southeast Asian Press Alliance

1948-2008 – Human Rights: The land where milk and honey do flow in rivers in concern of the human rights?

1948-2008 – Human Rights: The land where milk and honey do flow in rivers in concern of the human rights?
By Andreas Klamm
New York / London / Berlin./ 1, 2008. In some days the entire world will celebrate on December 10, 2008 the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS by the United Nations in New York City in 1948 in the United States of America.
As a French-German journalist, broadcast journalist and author I have been for about three years on a special research which is not over yet to find the country which could be best described as the country where milk and honey do flow in rivers in concern of the promotion, granting and support of the Human Rights.
It was crystal clear from the beginning of this international research that Germany during the years of the NAZIS Holocaust from 1933 to 1945 will not match these criteria. But what about Germany 70 years after during the Reichskristall-Nacht in 1938? The Synagogues of my Jewish brothers and sisters have been burned in Germany and about 10 million people have been killed in the German concentrations camps. It was perhaps one of the worsest disasters ever which have taken place in history of the human mankind. Another 50 million people have been killed during the Second World War.
There must be a change after 70 years, am I right?
There was a chance in December 1948 when the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS have been proclaimed by the United Nations. As Germany is a part of the universe the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS are valid in Germany also.
No one man or woman would ever doubt that Germany is not a part of this universe. There have been important changes but not in all areas and in all regions of the country of Germany. Certainly in 2008 Germany is still not meeting the criteria of a land where milk and honey do flow in rivers in concern of the promotion, support and granting of elementary and fundamental human rights such as the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience the religious liberty and other basic rights which are granted in ARTICLE 18 and ARTICLE 19 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS.
It is always easy if German citizen especially famous politicians like Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel are traveling to countries far away from Germany and do express their support for human rights and their concerns about the serious violations and abuses of the human rights in other countries, which is an important duty.
As a journalist, broadcast journalist and author of several books including the book „Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters“ I do know that it is a very difficult duty to criticize other countries in concern of the serious abuses and violations against the UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS.
However some people have been asking me. „Please, as you are French-German journalist and citizen look not to Russia, China, Asia, North Korea, Indonesia first but do us one favor and have a brief look on the situation in concern of the human rights in Germany.“ My thought was „…what shall be wrong with it, if some brothers and sisters from Asia, Russia, Africa, New Zealand and the United States of America have been asking me to have a brief look on the situation about human rights cases in Germany.“ ?
It was my first impression and my second impression was and is: „I am still shocked !“
Germany in the year 2008 about 70 years after the Reichskristall-Nacht in 1938 has taken place still does not qualify in the criteria of a country where milk and honey do flow in the rivers in concern of supporting, granting and promoting human rights.
On you will find more than a dozen of cases where people with all kind of different backgrounds, even believers which call themselves Jews, Muslim, Christian and members of other religious systems have to go before EUROPEAN COURTS simply to claim elementary and fundamental UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS as granted in ARTICLE 19 and ARTICLE 18.
BUT what about all these people which are oppressed and their voices have been silenced. These people do not have a single cent to pay the attorney which could help or even defend their basic human rights before the EUROPEAN COURT.
This make the situation much worse. Because these people do know very well. Their human rights are abused and violated. They do suffer even torture in a country where torture is forbidden and their voices are silenced, while other politicians and rich people do act like cheer leaders on the screen of the media and television and like to make people believe: „We are the best.“ Knowing very well that Germany is in need of development in concern of granting basic human rights in this country where one of the most horrible disaster have been taking place in the years of 1933 to 1945.
My third thought after studying some of the cases of the serious abuses of the human rights in Germany was: The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon should travel on December 10, 2008 to Germany and declare in a public speech to all citizen in this world that we might be able to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS in December in 1948 in New York City in the United States of America and that the UN Secretary-General would encourage all human beings in his public speech on this entire planet earth to participate in the PEACE PROCESS that people and their elementary basic HUMAN RIGHTS will be not violated and abused.
„The campaign reminds us that in a world still reeling from the horrors of the Second World War, the Declaration was the first global statement of what we now take for granted — the inherent dignity and equality of all human beings.“
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
„In the course of this year, unprecedented efforts must be made to ensure that every person in the world can rely on just laws for his or her protection. In advancing all human rights for all, we will move towards the greatest fulfillment of human potential, a promise which is at the heart of the Universal Declaration.“
High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour
This is a fact just to celebrate that the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS have been proclaimed in 1948 is certainly not good enough. Human Rights have to be granted and human rights are elementary and fundamental basic rights of all these countries which claim to be a democracy. There is a lot of work in concern of the granting of the basic human rights which needs to be done.
All of us should take a part in this PEACE PROCESS. Promoting, the support and the granting of the human rights is perhaps one of the most important peace processes ever especially in those countries which want to go a step forward and to claim to be a democracy in this world.
Those which do know the Human Rights should support and help those which are oppressed and suffer in many cases beyond description even in 2008.
It is important to know the Universal Human Rights and it is also important to know how to claim the human rights.

Article 18

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

To read and study the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS please go to:

7. / Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters

World Citizen: Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press – "War is abortion"

World Citizen:

Journalist confirms that he is working for the international press
“War is abortion”
By Andrew P. Harrod

Washington, D.C./New York City/October 24, 2008/– The French-German journalist, broadcast journalist and author of several books, founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty, founder and director of Grace MedCare Ltd. London, United Kingdom has confirmed that since 1984 he is working as journalist, author and broadcast journalist for the international press.

Some German citizen have considered that the French-German author by birth could be Anti-German.
Andreas Klamm has said: “By no means I am Anti-German. These people have perhaps come to false conclusions only because I am against the deadly ideology of the German Nazis, against racism, nationalism, against the abuses of human rights and against the oppression of the poor people and against the oppression of refugees and other people.”
It has been discovered that the journalist has been even recently co-operating with authors and journalists from countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Israel, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Paraguay, Bolivia, Canada, Lithuania, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Togo, Kenya, Burundi, Sweden, Georgia, the Dominican Republic and even with journalists from Asia..
The journalist has explained also “You should not wonder about these things. In the German city of Speyer and in the English city of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 1986 I became the founder of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television Liberty, which is an international and alternative non-commercial media. Since 1986 I have declared many times both on radio and television in many cases that the independent, alternative is supporting international understanding since 1986. Those which have been watching my radio and television programs do know very well, that as a French-German journalist, author, broadcast journalist I do treat myself as a citizen in this world.
The German city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein is a city in this world and on this planet. Certainly I have to refuse if people call me an alien or Anti-German. I am a citizen in this world and a citizen on this planet and certainly I do treat myself as a citizen in this world as a human being and claim to be a human being.
If some people call me an alien this leads to the conclusion if these people perhaps could be Anti-human? The international community should investigate who might be PRO-human beings and who might be Anti–human beings. This investigation and research would so easily deliver hundreds if not thousand of interesting stories which have to be covered in the newspapers, on radio, the television. So far as I have heard about the number I do believe there are about 6.7 billions of human beings in this world. Who in the world could claim that he or she is not born in this world and on this planet? And who in the world would believe such a thing even if someone would claim to be born as a human being not in this world and on this planet? My belief system includes that all human beings have equal rights to live, for social security, for democracy, liberty, peace and justice.
This might be shocking news. But I am also Anti-Abortion when it comes to the point where dictators do believe they might have the right to abort millions of human beings by war or other disasters which have caused by human beings. Not every disaster is a natural one or caused by a supernatural and supreme authority. Some of the disasters are created by people which do profit from wars and love to abort (to kill) millions of people, instead to save the life or a man or woman or even more. War is abortion in the higher sense. Someone else is making the decision if you might live or not. I believe the right to create live and to take life belongs to the LORD our GOD, only. It is very easy to deliver the proof. Certainly I do believe we have to bring to an end the bloody circle of violence.
Horses and dogs seems to be more intelligent than us poor human beings in the area of social ties and behavior. Have you ever heard a dog or a horse, which was white or yellow calling a brown dog or a black horse to be a non-dog or to be a non-horse? The critics should understand you can not change this: I am a human being and I am a citizen in this world and on this planet. Certainly I will continue to support and to work hard for international understanding, liberty, democracy, peace, social security, justice and human rights.
It is no secret that some dictators and supporters of a tyranny want to make all of us their slaves. We should by no means allow such a thing going to happen. Therefore it is important to be engaged in the defense of democracy, liberty, international understanding, peace, liberty, social values and justice. This engagement will actually make many of us better human beings.”
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For more information you might do your own research.
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Change we need: How to challenge the big media and media moguls

Change we need:
How to challenge the big media and media moguls
By Andreas Klamm

Washington, D. C. / New York City/October 23, 2008/– The truth is revealed. Change we need. Yeah, change we need so urgently. Many people spend so much time to find a solution not be influenced this much by the big main stream media information of the big media and the media which is known as main stream media.

As an investigative journalist, broadcast journalist, French-German author of several books since 1984 I am since 1984 for about 24 years performing a research how we might challenge these big media companies and networks and the big media. For hours I had conversation with editors in chief and even with some of the media moguls until I have realized there are three easy steps how to challenge the big media and the media moguls.
It is this simple and it will cost you not years or hours of your precious time and certainly it will not cost you 700 Billion U.S. Dollars.
If you are not happy with the embedded media coverage, such as on ABC, NBC, Fox News or with Ted Turner´s CNN media network and many other main stream media then simple follow these three easy steps.
1.STEP ONE: You should spend anyway not many hours watching 24 hours television. There is more to discover in life then 24 hours of watching television all the day long.
2.STEP TWO: Simply turn off ABC, NBC, Fox News and Ted Turner´s CNN and switch to Democracy NOW! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy NOW! is available worldwide on 250 radio station and about 700 alternative television network station and even on satellite television. You will find the current information where to watch the educational television and radio program on . You will have the great chance to see and to hear the difference in the media. It is almost like you as have spend 40 years in the wilderness and have been looking for a good well (water source) where you will find fresh and clean water and just with watching one hour Democracy NOW! you will be able to experience the great joy not to thirst this quick again for a good and educational television and radio program. You will realize also that you do not have to spend hours watching television all the day long and to waste your precious time. After watching one hour Democracy NOW! you will have more time for valuable things which do matter in your life. You could easily spend some time getting engaged with some social work in your local community or you might have even more time to spend with your friends and family.

Be polite and friendly write a postcard or an email to ABC, NBC, Fox News and CNN or the other main stream media networks and let them know that you have switched from the main stream media to a good and educational television and radio program which is know as Democracy NOW!
It might take some while but then the media moguls will realize that they are going to loose millions of listeners and viewers they will certainly start to consider to cover the stories and voices which at this time we can not find on the main stream media.
Picture this: It is by no means only Ted Turner and other media moguls which do have the power and strength to challenge you. IT IS YOU, which can challenge the big media and the main stream media moguls. Imagine, if only 90 or 100 million people will follow the advise to turn off the big media and to tune in to Democracy NOW! or other alternative radio and television programs. The big media would feel this by loosing millions of advertising money for commercials and infomercials. Guess if you continue for one week or even longer. The media moguls would start to think and perhaps after some while you would realize that every listener and viewer has so easily the strength and power to challenge and even to change the big media. Think as independent as possible. You need to think ! And then act with peace and wisdom. With every listener and viewer which the big media is going to loose, the big media will loose its power. This concept is working very well with newspapers also. Imagine the newspaper is not covering the stories you want and need to read. Just give them a friendly call to the publishing house and let them know I am not going to buy and read your paper anymore as long as I will find the stories which I can not find at this time in the paper. You can challenge the editors and publishers and you will be able to witness and read the change.
Step number 4 is not this easy. In 1986 I became the founder of the international alternative media network IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, IBS Television Liberty and Radio IBS Liberty. You should know that my father was a poor fire fighter, my grand father was a French Army Officer stationed in 1945. In 1986 I have started with about 100 German Marks with the foundation an own and international alternative media network will require if you are not rich and have not the money that you will love to work and labor hard.
There are ways to cover huge events such as the G8 summit in Heilgendamm Germany even with only 20 U.S. dollars in your pocket. In 2007 I did this: I have been one of about 4.700 officially journalists, news correspondents and television producer with an accreditation issued by the German government. Before I became one, I had to write to two German courts and some viewers, listeners and readers have signed a petition that I will get with my official press credentials the permission to produce independent television and radio programs. It has required some work and fights to defend the freedom of the press and information.
Therefore as you are able to imagine I do know what I am writing and talking about. It will be not an easy way. Since 1984 I have produced hundreds of television and radio programs and I have conducted hundreds of interviews have been taking about 20.000 photographs as a photo journalist and have received the first awards when I have been 18 years of age in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 from a state film department from Germany. In the studio and the editorial offices I have spend hours, day and nights even covering the U.S. elections in 2000 and 2004 and in some cases I have been spending about 18 up to 20 hours in the studio to cut and edit radio and television programs.
Sometimes I have been this tired that I have passed or blacked out in the studio and just have been sleeping on the floor of some studios and continued to work and labor when the light of the morning came back.
It was certainly in many cases hard labor and it will require some sacrifices if you are willing to build you own international media network. If you ever will perform 2 hours Live Television programs and 8 hours Live radio programs you will certainly know what I am writing and talking about.
It requires hard labor and work if you do not have the money as the media moguls such as Ted Turner and many others but there is a way.
In the past 24 years I had the chance to meet so many precious people, even some precious politicians and other journalists and I do not want to miss these interesting conversations. My advise is that you should consider the price which you will have to pay by spending a lot of you precious time of life if your are planning to run an alternative television and radio program.
Some advise which will help: If you want to produce good educational radio and television programs you have to read a lot of books. A little example why this advise could be important: Since the age of 16 I am reading and studying the HOLY SCRIPTURES, which some other people call also the bible, Old and New Testament. You will find amazing answers, questions and ideas in this most precious book. Guess you want to cover a story about corruption. It is no joke you will find in the Holy Scriptures the answer, where to start maybe a search for an investigative research and where to find a lot of corruption.
There are many other books on the market which you could and should read also. If you have because of the financial crisis not the money anymore to buy some real good books, spend some time in you community library as I did already in 1987 in Leeds in the United Kingdom and in many other cases in Germany and even in New York City in the United States of America.
If you are planning to work as an investigative broadcast journalist, journalist and author you should be prepared for fights such as death threats, attempted targeted killing and threats. In Germany in many cases some people and political forces try not to shoot journalists but to destroy their financial liberty which is making everyone this easily a slave.  Sometime it occurs that you will receive first threats, followed by death threats and that you will get involved as a victim in so called “accidents”. Some viewers and observers have told me, that some of the accidents which I have suffered have been not accidents but the attempt to kill me for covering simply stories about the abuses of the human rights, political, social and financial affairs.
There is not the proof that these viewers are right but I can assure you that I have received threats and people have told me several times: “We do wonder that you are still alive.” It happened again this afternoon, that a colleague and another independent television producer mentioned to me on the phone: “I do wonder you are still alive…”. He knows that I am since 1984 covering stories and speaking out things which you will hear usually not on the big main stream media. Independent and alternative journalists should work international and seek international co-operation. This is one of the reasons that I became a member of the International Federations of Journalists. Another reason is that since 1993 I am a member of the union.  Since 1989 I am active also as a peace and social activist.
It is a serious thing if you are going to receive threats. Not taking part in the fight could mean that you have lost the fight or the battle already. However I do believe: If the good people are NOT fighting, the bad guys or people will win. And these times are so special that I do believe that we just can not allow and afford the luxury that the bad people which do oppress the truth and millions of people that the bad people will win the battle or the fights. Therefore the good people have to fight for peace, liberty, justice, truth and democracy – every one of us. Peace, liberty, justice, truth, social security and democracy are under attack and every one of us should take part in defending these elementary and fundamental rights. This will certainly not without danger. I do know that liberty is right and GOD gave us not a free will to be slaves. God teaches liberty. Do fight as peaceful as possible, not with violence, overcome evil with good, overcome violence with non-violence. There are many peaceful ways how to fight and how to defend.
Now I am telling you a little secret. You will find in the Holy Scriptures even the advise how you could act in time of a financial crisis. Certainly it requires some faith and belief.
Another good advise is listen to the things what your viewers and listener are going to tell you and will write you. Some real good ideas for television and radio programs which have received an award I got from listeners and viewers on the street. In many cases the conversation started this way: “I have seen your program on television and …”. Afterwards some of my viewers gave me some advise or tips what they want to see on the screen or what they want to hear on the radio. In some cases I have spend a night in other cases I have mediated a week and then my thought was something similar like “Let´s try this idea or way…”. Not always but in some cases it was working out good and therefore to some of my viewers which are watching my television programs and listening to my radio programs since about 24 year I am very thankful and I want to let you know: THANK you and I do love you !
Even you might get famous, known in many different countries in this world PLEASE keep in mind, that our listeners and viewers deserve the THANKSGIVING. One of our websites has visitors and readers from 40 different countries. We had not one single cent on our budget for 2007 and 2008 for advertising to tell other people about this new service which has started in May 2008.
The viewers and listeners of my radio and television programs are meaning a lot to me and I am thankful for each of them. Some of them have told me, that they do sense this feelings towards them, that I do appreciate very much that they are spending some times one minute and some times one hour to one of my radio or television programs and some of them are thankful for this appreciation.
As long as you are not a real good business man in the financial and commercial sense you should expect not getting rich but to face serious trouble for working as an investigative broadcast journalist and journalist. For simply covering an event on television about 100 homeless people in Germany I have received threats in the year of 2006 and 2007 including death threats again.
Thank you to the listeners and viewers and for your tips and guidance which has challenged in Germany sometimes even the big commercial main stream and even the powerful state operated television and radio stations in Germany. However I know God is watching and listening us at any time and this comforts me, perhaps other people, too. There is no secret which you can hide before the Lord our God. This truth and fact might scare some people while this truth and fact is a comfort to me and many other people. Some viewers have been wondering what the term “Journalist, D.o.G.” stands for during some of my television programs and perhaps they might have been thinking I am working for the Department of Germany. This is not the case, I am still working international and alternative. Some times I do wonder if some one wants to tell others about the truth how in the world we are able to deny the most important truth? The answer and truth is very simple: “D.o.G. Stands for dependent upon the GRACE OF GOD.” All truth shall be revealed. Best wishes.

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For more information please visit /Section: petitions / Petitionen

After being arrested back on TV: Independent journalist Amy Goodman is defending democracy in America

After being arrested back on TV:
Independent journalist Amy Goodman is defending democracy in America

By Andreas Klamm, journalist and news correspondent

New York City/Washington, D.C./ London. Many people in the the entire world is paying attention on the situation which happened to independent journalists and the host of Democracy Now!, Mrs. Amy Goodman, while covering the events associated the the Republican National Convention (RNC).
Independent journalists, including famous broadcasting host Amy Goodman have got arrested. Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke, Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman and her two colleagues Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar got arrested as we have learned and have been later released.

This follows, according to FREE PRESS, the arrest of an ABC News producer at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Amy Goodman can been seen on an independent media network in association with 700 station in the United States of America.
Free Press, the national, nonpartisan media reform group, called on St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and local law enforcement officials to drop all charges against all journalists arrested while covering protests outside the Republican National Convention.
Josh Silver, executive director of Free Press, made the following statement:
„We condemn the arrest and harassment of journalists before and during the Republican National Convention. We call on the mayor, district attorney and police chief to rein in the overly aggressive — and even violent — tactics of law enforcement. Arresting and detaining journalists for doing their jobs is a gross violation of free speech and freedom of the press. We call for the immediate release of any journalists being held in the Twin Cities and for all charges to be dropped immediately. Reporting by independent journalists is the only way for the American public to learn the full story, and they must be free to do their jobs without intimidation.“
More information and the petitions can be found on:—stand-up-for-democracy
Free Press campaign
Committee To Protect Journalists
In August 2008 shooting by Neo-Nazis have taken place on the office a famous German journalist and politician from the left wing party “Die Linke”. All are happy that no one of the people working in the office got injured because of the shootings which have taken place in the German city of Dortmund.
Information and petition: .

After the arrest of journalists in the USA: PLEASE release the journalists and charges to be dropped off

After the arrest of journalists in the USA:
PLEASE release the journalists and charges to be dropped off

By Andrew P. Harrod
Washington D.C. / New York City / London/September 6, 2008/– The journalist, author of several books, host, editor, founder of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds, Mr. Andreas Klamm, has written to state officials a public open letter to release the independent journalists and that the charges against the journalists which have got arrested may be dropped off.
In the beginning of September the famous host, journalist and Democray Now! anchor, Mrs Amy Goodman and her two colleagues Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar got arrested as we have learned and have been later released. Also an AP Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke got arrested in the United States of America.

This follows, according to FREE PRESS, the arrest of an ABC News producer at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
The letter contains following message:
Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner
RCA at (cc: dropthecharges at
Susan Gaertner for Governor
info at (cc: dropthecharges at
(612) 978-8625
The St. Paul City Attorney’s office,
Mr. John Choi
(651) 266-8710
john.choi at (cc: dropthecharges at
In CONCERN of the arrest of journalists covering a political event
September 5, 2008
Dear Madam !
Dear Sir !
In foreign places brave citizen of the United States of America are in serious danger for their life to defend elementary basic rights such as human rights, free speech, liberty and democracy – so far as we have learned through American media reports and official governmental reports.
The journalists, which have been charged and arrested have not committed any kind of crime by fulfilling the public duty to publish reports or in taking pictures for television about some kind of political RNC event.
The arrests and harassment of journalists covering the Republican National Convention are not right.
We call upon St. Paul officials to free all detained journalists and drop all charges against them. These include arrests made during police raids in the days prior to the convention and, on Sept 1, of Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke, Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman and her two colleagues Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar.
The most important standard to journalists all over the world is the truth.
As you are able to imagine we are NOT happy about the charges against independent journalists and arrests of the journalists Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouduous, Nicole Salazar, AP photographer Matt Rourke and other journalists.
America is a blessed country because of its liberty, freedom, basic rights, such as free speech, independent work of journalist.
PLEASE, consider NOT TO DESTROY the blessings for and of America and its people.
PLEASE consider NOT TO DESTROY America ! If you are going to destroy the liberty and democracy actually this would mean that America will be destroyed, as you know from the history in Germany.
As Germany in the years 1933 to 1945 has fallen deep down to dictatorship it got destroyed as you know very well the photographs how Germany has looked like after tons of bombs have been used to stop World War II and the NAZI regime in Germany.
PLEASE, defend democracy and the liberty of the United States of America and its people and PLEASE release the journalist and drop the charges against these journalists.
Arresting and detaining journalists for doing their jobs is a gross violation of free speech and freedom of the press.
Journalists must be free to do their jobs without intimidation.
PLEASE show that Almighty God has given you the wisdom, love, grace and mercy to release the independent journalists and to keep liberty and democracy.
PLEASE consider what the president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln has said some days ago in concern of liberty.
American President: „I know that liberty is right“
Washington. / Documentation Of Statements/- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), sixteenth American president (1860-1865) said: „The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.“ „We have been recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten GOD.
We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbrocken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the GOD that made us!“
„It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of GOD and to recognize the sublime truth announced in the HOLY SCRIPTURES and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose GOD is the LORD. I am profitably engaged in reading the Bible. Take all of this book upon reason that you can, and the balance by faith, and you will live and die a better man…But for this book we could not know right from wrong. I believe the Bible is the best gift GOD has ever given to man. The Bible is suited to men in all conditions of life and includes all the duties they owe to their Creator, to themselves and to their fellowman.“
„I know that liberty is right, for CHRIST teaches it, and CHRIST is GOD.“
PLEASE pray for the police officers that GOD might forgive and save them. They might have be in some kind of distress and have over-acted in a harmful way.
Remember that CHRIST himself gave the commandment: „Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbor as thyself.“ and „LOVE your enemies“.
However citizen of the United States of America and independent journalists in the United States of America are NOT the enemies of the United States of America.
Perhaps you should think and pray about this. For some reasons it seems that the real enemies of America could be those which seek to destroy free speech, peace, liberty and democracy of America and its people. Therefore please give no chance to those forces which seek to destroy the liberty and the blessings of the United States of America and its people. Remember that freedom and the freedom of the press and journalists is an important and elementary part of democracy.
PLEASE release the journalists and drop the charges. PLEASE overcome evil things with good. May GOD will give you the grace, wisdom, mercy and love, to treat independent journalists with love instead of hatred and evil. My colleague, the journalist and author, Amy Goodman and many other independent journalists are performing an important duty for the public, democracy and liberty. They should receive THANKS instead of charges. These independent journalists are fulfilling important duties as granted in the constitution of the United States of America. Some years ago I have written a letter to the U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America. For some reason I got an answer for the letter which I have written from the office of the White House. In the letter which I have received from the office of President Ronald Reagan a booklet with the constitution and map was delivered to my from Washington, D.C., U.S.A. For these gifts which I have kept I am very thankful.
May GOD will bless the liberty, democracy, independence, the independent journalists and the people of the United States of America and all those people which do support and defend democracy and liberty.
Thank you !
Shalom – PEACE be unto you !
Andreas Klamm, journalist,author, nurse (R.N.,RGN), independent television, radio- film and media producer since 1984, missionary and director of the United Kingdom
and German Branch
John Baptist Mission of Togo, Africa
Founder and president: Reverend Yawovi Nyonato
John Baptist Mission of Togo, Africa in
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Brandkatastrophe von Ludwigshafen: Unbekannte drohen britischer Fernseh-Redaktion

Brandkatastrophe von Ludwigshafen
Unbekannte drohen britischer Fernseh-Redaktion

Ludwigshafen. (red) 5. Februar 2008. Offenbar Schreiber, die der rechtsradikalen Szene aus Ludwigshafen am Rhein zugeordnet werden müssen, haben in der Schriftform einer britisch-amerikanischen Fernseh-Redaktion gedroht für den Fall, dass es weitere Berichte und Fernseh-Interviews mit türkischen Augenzeugen zur Brandkatastrophe von Ludwigshafen am Rhein geben sollte. Am 3. Februar 2008 verbrannten neun Menschen (3 Frauen, 5 Kinder, 1 schwangere Frau mit ihrem ungeborenen Kind) bei einem Brand eines Wohnhauses, Ecke Berliner und Jäger-Strasse in der Chemiestadt.
Zur Stunde ermitteln Experten und Brandermittler die Ursache des Brandes, der viele Menschenleben in Ludwigshafen am Rhein kostete, darunter fünf Kinder und eine schwangere Frau mit einem ungeborenen Kind.
Wer sich hinter den anonymen Schreibern verbirgt, ist bislang nicht bekannt. Die Redaktionsleitung von IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds nimmt die Drohung ernst. „Wenn eine freie Berichterstattung jetzt verhindert werden soll, dann gilt es jetzt um so mehr, frei zu berichten. Die Redaktion wurde bereits mehrfach bedroht. Bereits anlässlich einner Berichterstattung zum 9. November 1938 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein und den Verbrechen der Nazis in den Jahren 1933 bis 1945 gab es nach der mehrfachen Ausstrahlung der Fernsehsendung „Der 9. November 1938 und heute“ anonyme Bombendrohungen.
Die damalige Vorsitzende der jüdischen Gemeinde, Etna Altgenug und der Journalist hatten sich in dem Beitrag sehr kritisch zu dem Verhalten der Menschen und Nazis in Deutschland in den Jahren 1933 bis 1945 offen geäußert.
Die Bundesregierung müsse dafür Sorge tragen, dass internationale Journalisten, die in Deutschland zu so einer Katastrophe berichten auch frei und sicher arbeiten können. Die Drohungen gegen eine freie Pressearbeit werfen international betrachtet kein gutes Licht auf Deutschland. Drohungen und Bombendrohungen lassen zwangsläufig immer an die Methoden der Gestapo und von Nazis aus der dunklen Vergangenheit von Deutschland denken.“, so ein Sprecher der Redaktion.
Unterdessen mehreren sich die Gerüchte, wonach auch zwei Mädchen, beide 7 Jahre, im Haus gesehen haben sollen, dass „so wörtlich ein Mann Papier im Haus angezündet…“ haben soll.
Eine Sprecherin der Polizei Ludwigshafen konnte die Informationen zum Verdacht einer Brandstiftung in einer telefonischen Anfrage eines Mitarbeiters der Redaktion der Nachrichtenagentur nicht bestätigen.
Bislang unbestätigten Gerüchten zufolge, sollen sich zwei weitere Brände in Rheinland-Pfalz und Baden-Württemberg ereignet haben. Den anonymen Hinweisen zufolge, sei ein weiterer Mensch gestorben und 20 weitere Verletzte bei weiteren Bränden in Baden-Württemberg und in Rheinland-Pfalz heute zu beklagen.

Liberty Media Documentation

Eine Auswahl von Beiträgen, die der Journalist Andreas Klamm, für Nachrichtenagenturen, Zeitungen, Fernseh- und Radio-Stationen geschrieben hat. – ENGLISH/Deutsch – (C) 1984 – 2007 by BRITISH NEWSFLASH MAGAZINE::Andreas Klamm ist Gründer und Herausgeber von IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds (Radio IBS Leeds, IBS Television Leeds, 1986), BRITISH NEWSFLASH MAGAZINE (1986), RPF Rundfunk- und Programmarbeitsgemeinschaft für Film, Funk und Fernsehen (1984), IFN International Familly Network (1984) und der nichtkommerziellen Nachrichtenagentur (1984), früher bekannt als 3m news – Die Nachrichten, der Radio- und Fernseh-Sendungen und der Magazine „Vorderpfalz aktuell“ (1984), „Stadtmagazin Ludwigshafen“ und zahlreicher weiterer Publikationen, freier, nichtkommerzieller und unabhängiger Medien-Dienste.